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My Top 12 Guilty Pleasures by ARTIST-SRF My Top 12 Guilty Pleasures by ARTIST-SRF
These are my top 12 Guilty Pleasures.

#12.) 60's Batman: Well, I pretty much already said why I love the show on my Top 10 Characters that I like, But Everyone Hates.  So to keep it short,  I like it as a fun and campy kind of show.  Of course, it won't top the Burton versions, or the Animated Series, but I enjoy it as a parody to my favorite superhero of all time.

#11.) Bride of Chucky: Well, I understand why there aren't a lot of Child's Play fans who love this film, but I always found it fun to watch killer doll Chucky get a girl doll on his side.  Yes, it is disturbing to see Chucky and Tiffany having sex, but at least, they still holdup together as an awesome horror team.  This is the only sequel I love out of the whole franchise. 

#10.) Leprechaun(s) 1, 3 and 6:  I know this isn't the best horror film franchise in history, but this is a fun one to me.  It's about an evil leprechaun that goes on a murderous rampage for his pot of gold.  Believe it or not, but back in the dark ages, these creatures, along with fairies, gnomes and elves were believed to be evil beings that would kidnap children for a pot of gold.  The reason why I exed out 2, 4, and 5, is because they bore me to death. 

#9.) SpongeBob SquarePants: This probably shouldn't count, but people often tell me that they hate this Nickelodeon TV show.  They tell me that the title character is annoying, his friends are all jerks, and none are them are even funny.  But my opinion is totally different.  I love the show despite what others say about it.  What I don't like are the recent episodes that started after The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.   

#8.) Michael Jackson: I know that he charged, tried and arrested for child molesting, but this guy had an awesome talent for singing, dancing and definitely choreography.  The reason why I'm showing the young Jackson is because, well to be honest I don't really care for his new looks.  Now that he's gone, I think even you could give the respect he deserves.

#7.) Muppet Treasure Island and Treasure Planet:  These may not be the best adaptations of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Treasure Island,  but to me they're a pair of decent films in their own ways.  I know that it's a little weird to see the Muppets in a world of realistic pirates of that period, but they were able to play the comedy forward.  And you got to love Tim Curry's performance of Long John Silver.  For Treasure Planet, yes it is a little random to just turn the classic into a space-age film, but I love this take on it.        

#6.) The Jeff Dunham Show: With the success of Achmed The Dead Terrorist, Jeff Dunham and Comedy Central worked together to create this sketch comedy show, but then it went off the air due to the low ratings.  That was what I found disappointing, because I love that show, and not just because I'm a Jeff Dunham fan, but I think that it's cool to see each of his characters play out in their own worlds.        

#5.) The Blockbuster Buster: He's probably not the best critic on, but he's pretty much right on every movie he reviewed.  He's still good at making videos and he's still pretty open minded at these things.  He often gets harsh criticism himself from people that watch his videos.  Though I will admit that the only negative reviews I would not agree with would be the first two Shrek movies, and a few others you'll see listed in this meme.

#4.) Sleepy Hollow (1999): Now this probably the first Tim Burton film to get mixed reviews, along with a few others that I'll mention later.  True it's different from the book, but I love it.  Again, I've said pretty much my reason in My Top 10 Favorite Tim Burton Films, so I'll just keep it short.  I love how that it's a battle between Ichabod and the Headless Horseman.  And each actor fit the performance of each character.  Plus, you got to love how it mixes both the horror and comedy together.

#3.) Dark Shadows (2012): Well, you may not like it because it's a comical take on the classic soap opera, but it at least I could accept it as a parody.  I still think that Johnny Depp made a pretty good Barnabas Collins, and this beats the Twilight Saga any day.  No offence, Twilight fans. 

#2.) Alice in Wonderland (2010): People often complain that this is a dark telling of the Lewis Carroll classic, but let's face it, the original was pretty twisted on it's own.  Think about it, talking animals, weird set ups, you name it.  That's also what inspired American McGee to create the Alice video games.  I know that Depp, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter look frightening in their costumes, but I think they look awesome in the Tim Burton kind of way.  Another thing that people complain about is that the plot resembles too much like Return To Oz.  :shrug: Whatever.  Sorry critic, but I'll have to skip your review on this.

:iconnostalgiacriticplz: Rage WHAT???!!!!

Before we get to #1, here are several honorable mentions. 

Disney's Return to Oz

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Freddy Vs. Jason

Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd

Julie Yamamoto from Ben 10: Alien Force and Ultimate Alien

The new Littlest Pet Shop

#1.) Jason Todd (Batman): Before Tim Drake, the new Robin, Batman actually recruited this character, after Dick Grayson became Night-Wing.  Later, DC comic fans complain about how annoying this character grew on them.  So the company decided to create a poll for fans to call on either 800 numbers to decide whether or not he survives in the next comic, or not.  Of course, most chose for him to die!  But, that wasn't the last we see of him, for in later comics, he becomes a bad ass anti-hero, and I won't go too far for those of you who are new at this fandom.         

All films and characters are copyright of their respectful owners.

This meme. :iconSithVampire27:

EDIT: I added I description to why I enjoy these movies and TV shows.
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I see nothing guilty about Muppet Treasure Island or pre-movie SpongeBob.
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