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My Top 10 Favorite Halloween Specials by ARTIST-SRF
My Top 10 Favorite Halloween Specials

Alright, boils and ghouls!  With Halloween coming, I present to you, my Top 10 Halloween Specials. Just to clear, this is a list of specials that actually have "Halloween" in them.

#10.) Pink Eye (South Park): True the series has more than one Halloween specials, but this one tops them all. After yet another accident kills you know who...
:iconstanplz::iconsaysplz: OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED KENNY!
:iconkyleplz::iconsaysplz: YOU BASTARD!
  Kenny's body is taken to the morgue where one of the doctors accidentally leaves a bottle of Worcestershire sauce open and its contents mix with the embalming fluid, turning the kid into (you guessed it) a ZOMBIE!!!!  Then on Halloween, Kenny terrorizes the town with a hoard of zombies, while Kyle, Stan, and Eric are the only ones who have to stop this zombie apocalypse and turn zombified Wendy and Chef back to normal.  As a South Park fan, this episode makes me laugh and feel sorry for its characters.  You can argue that the show is too offensive and immature, but hey, it's not for kids.  What you expect? 

#9.) Scaredy Pants (SpongeBob Squarepants): When SpongeBob gets tired of being the butt of Halloween tricks, he decides to take his revenge on Bikini Bottom, with the help of his best friend Patrick Star, by scaring people as the Flying Dutchman.  Which is just the usual white sheet with eye holes and a mouth hole, along with wooden shoes that Patrick built. It succeeds at the Krusty Krab, but fails due to Patrick's hilarious blunder. Also, this is the first episode to introduce the real Flying Dutchman!  One of the best SpongeBob Squarepants reoccurring on-and-off villains in the franchise. Can SpongeBob save Bikini Bottom before the ghost steals everyone's souls and places them in his soul bag?!  You'll have to watch and find out.

#8.) Billy And Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween (The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy): Like South Park, The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy had it's own share of Halloween specials, but no other episode or special can top this one in the series.  While trick or treating Grim tells the two about the reason why people pull tricks on Halloween was because it was all done by an immortal with a pumpkin for a head. :iconheadlesshorsemanplz: ...named Jack. :iconjackskellingtonplz: ...O-Lantern.  While borrowing Grim's scythe to add to his costume, Billy stumbles upon the trickster himself and unwittingly gives the reaper's weapon to Jack!  Allowing the pumpkin headed monster to unleash an entire army of pumpkin demons to help him keep the sun down, allowing every night to be Halloween for all eternity! And you got to admit those are some pretty cool looking pumpkins.

#7.) Luna Eclipsed (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic): I have no idea, why I didn't count the Christmas special in my other top 10 list, but as a brony, I feel I have to count this.  In Ponyville, they refer to the holiday as Nightmare-Night, where Princess Luna, the antagonist from the first two episodes of the franchise, is still believed to be a terror, even though she clearly was redeemed at the end of the second one.  Twilight still remembers those events, of course, and tries to help Luna make friends and have fun at the Ponyville carnival.  Although it succeeds, it all goes downhill for every pony when Pinkie Pie unintentionally ruins it by screaming and running with the other trick or treaters.
:iconpinkiepieplz: EVERYPONY RUN!!!
But don't worry, my fellow bronies, there is still a happy ending to this, and it teaches its audience the true meaning of Halloween.

#6.) Jeff Dunham Minding The Monsters: Again, I'm a little surprised I haven't put the Christmas special on my other Top 10 list. But what the heck?  Of course, being a Jeff Dunham special, you always expect to the stand-up comedian and ventriloquist to perform live on stage.  Well in this case the stage is set to the inside of a haunted house.  Complete with an electric chair, secret passages, creepy portraits, an all.  Each puppet is introduced with their very own horror parody trailer, and a clever and humorous Halloween fitting entrances.  Not only that, but each puppet is dressed as a character that scares them the most.  Well, everyone but Walter and Jose Jalapeno.
:iconjoseplz::iconsaysplz: On a stick.
:iconpeanutplz::iconsaysplz: I KNOW!!!
Well, I tell you what those two puppets really wanted to go as, but I think I'll just leave to you to check it out.
:iconwalterplz: Happy freaking Hallow-wiener!

#5.) Disney's The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow and Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow: I've been said a lot of things about the Disney version in my Top 10 Scariest Animated Moments meme and the Burton one in my Top 10 Tim Burton Movies meme, so I'll keep this short. As a kid, the Disney version was something that I'd watch every year for Halloween.  I was always into the idea about the Headless Horseman terrorizing people with a jack-o-lantern head and sword.  But then I realized that in the original book, the horseman had no sword or any other steel bladed weapon in particular, so I was a little disappointed with that.  Even the same for a few Scooby Doo Halloween specials until the Goblin King direct to video movie came out.  Of course, there was also the Tim Burton version, which placed the horseman as an even more brutal decapitator than in any live action take that I've ever seen.

#4.) Halloween With The Addams Family (The Addams Family): With this family, you can always expect this to be their favorite holiday.  The story focusses on two bumbling crooks who are on the run from the law.  The family mistakes the two for trick or treaters and invite them in to their twisted Halloween party.  The robbers try to get away with the families money, but the police are circling the neighborhood outside, and fall into several surprises while still taking advantage of the gullible family. 
This is a fun episode to watch, whether you're an Addams Family fan or not. The humour still holds up, and it plays as though it were the original Home Alone, but with a Halloween twist.  Although in a later Halloween episode, it plays the same clip from the beginning of the previous one.  But it dosne't make it a terrible episode, infact the rest of it seems a little more imaginative compared to this one.  Oh, and then came the 1970's special.
Lurch: Uh....

#3.) Laugh at the Party and Bewitched, Bebothered and Beetlejuiced (Beetlejuice): Well it's another tie in this meme, but I love these two just the same.  In Laugh at the Party, Delia hosts a Halloween house party, but she is tricked into hiring Beetlejuice, in his Mr. Beetleman persona, as the cateror.  With Delia's money, he buys party items from the Neitherworld, including a hoard of actual party monsters.  In Bewitched, Bebothered and Beetlejuiced, Lydia attends a Halloween party at Beetlejuice's Roadhouse.  Unfortunately, the Goth girl's cat, Percy, followed her, gets scared out of his wits by everything in the roadhouse, and then wisked away to another Halloween party, but this time, with only witches in it.  In order to get him out, Beetlejuice and Lydia pose as witches and attend another party while they're at it.  And then there came low budget kid Halloween films, that use almost the same plots.
:iconbeetlejuiceplz::iconsaysplz: Logic, you know I hate it.

#2.) John Carpenter's Halloween: What's the best horror film to watch on Halloween?  Why this of course.  It's one of those first films to set the rules for a standard slasher genre.  It's about an escpaed maniac killer named Michael Myers on the run from psychiatrist Dr. Lumis (Donald Plesance), while stalking teenage Laurie Strobes (Jamie Lee Curtis) and murdering anyone that gets in his way.  The film dosen't really rely so much on the gore, but it's the presence of Michael that will make you afriad of going trick or treating all by yourself.  And thus began the franchise which gave the film so many sequels and two remakes created by Rob Zombie.  Another fact is Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of actress Janet Leigh who you might remeber for her role in Alfred Hitchcok's Psycho. 

Before we get to #1, here are my honorable mentions;

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't

The Headless Horseman Of Halloween (The New Scooby Doo Show)

Mickey's House Of Villains

Puttergiest (The Addams Family, 1992)

Trick Or Treat (Donald Duck)

Halloween- Addams Family Style

Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktacular

#1.) Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: The ultimate of all Halloween classics, this is a film about the King of Halloween who discovers the world of Christmas Town and decides to steal the role of Santa Claus, not knowing about the consequences it would have on the children of the world. It was a short story that Burton wrote, then with the help of Henry Selick, he was able to make this into a very successful stop-motion animated feature.

:pumpkin: Happy Halloween! :pumpkin:

The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow (c) Disney

Sleepy Hollow (c) Paramount

Jeff Dunham Minding The Monsters and South Park (c) Comedy Central

Beetlejuice and The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy (c) Warner Bros.

Halloween (c) Universal

The Addams Family (c) Charles Addams

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (c) Hub

This meme (c) :icontoonfanjoey:

There was once a fan boy named George Buffalo.  He was a fan of many different kinds of franchises, such as The Spooky House at Dizzy-land, the Vampire-Man comic books, and several spooky themed kid TV shows.  But his favorite franchise of all was R. I. Pinewood’s Goose Pimples.  An anthology children’s book series featuring tales of horror where either a small child or teenager is often pitted against an evil clown, living ventriloquist dummies, Halloween masks that turn people into monsters and even a wall clock that could change time.  This also had a TV series of the same name, which he too loved to watch.   Sure you could say that he made a few friends in both person and online, but there was one incident that made him so upset, it changed his perspective completely.  
It was when he discovered that a friend, or at least watcher on the website,, was that a certain user who went by the name of DRAWER-GSR, made a negative review about his favorite franchise.  To sum it all up, the review stated that it was because the writing in both the books and the TV episodes were silly whether you were a kid or an adult, the monsters were not well imagined and corny like a B-movie horror creature, and it was just a cheap way to get kids into reading and loving the horror genre.  George was furious, that rather than accept the fact that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, he wrote a despicable comment that said,
“Don’t say Goose Pimples is lame!  Shame on you!”
George never met a single person who dis agreed with him on that franchise, he waited for an apology from the user.  But instead he got a confused comment that said,
“Good One.  XD”
Outraged by this, George wrote back to the user in what any ignorant control freak or troll would say on the internet.
“I’m serious.  You better apologize, or I’ll get really, really, really ANGRY!!!”
Because of this, the user blocked George from ever browsing his account ever again.  And you know what?  I don’t blame him.
Shocked by it, George begins to feel betrayed by a close internet friend who he loved to browse his artwork.  
“FINE!” the egotistical brat yelled at his own computer, “Who needs you?  I got other cool friends who won’t disappoint me.”
That’s what he thought, for as time went by, his closest friends would slowly grow out of his most favorite franchise.  This made our poor little sap here more and more enraged with angry.  So angry in fact, that he would punch, kick and throw sand at them.  This of course resulted in him into getting a talk with his school counselor, but he refused to apologize to his classmates, because he claimed that he only did that to make them apologize for stop liking his favorite franchise and moving on to R.I. Pinewood’s recent book and TV series, The Bewitching Hour.  Because of this, he was suspended from school, grounded for a whole month by his parents, and he could never see his friends again, unless he would come to his senses.  
As punishment, his parents gathered all his Goose Pimples books and DVDs and hid them all in a big cardboard box, safely locked in the attic. Did that make him change?  No, it made him even angrier than ever!
“I HATE YOU!!!!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, “I HATE YOU BOTH!!!”  
Of course, his parents ignored that angry comment, as any parent should do.  
That night, when his parents were asleep, George snuck into the garage, where he found the key to the attic.  Probably not the best place to hide it from an obsessive child of yours, but I guess after so much stress, they forgot to lock the garage too.   In that event, George carefully crept up the stairs to the attic, unlocked the door, and just when he opened the box that contained his favorite books and DVDs, he was shocked at what he just saw.  It was a Goose Pimples book that he had never seen before; it was titled STUCK IN HIS OWN FANTASY.  Also on the cover, it had an illustration of what looked like a frightened teenage boy, falling through a strange and unworldly portal.  Taking a closer look at this, he found out that boy on the cover was him!  Given the feeling of shock, he quickly opened the book and began to read,
“There was once a fan boy named George Buffalo.”  
After that, he began to feel even more paranoid than ever.  For it said everything about his life and his obsession and even to the part where he found the book in the attic.  But then there was one passage he found the most confusing.  
“All of a sudden,” he read to himself, “he felt a gust of wind that was so powerful, that it sucked him right into the…”
But then he paused for a moment, when he actually did feel a strange breeze that seemed to be coming from the pages he was reading.  It grew so strong, like it said in the book, and it sucked him right into that same portal he saw in the cover!  That’s right, like some kid shows and stories; he was literally sucked right into the story book!  
The next minuet, he found himself in a strange and decrepit old costume store with monstrous rubber masks perched on mini stools around him.  George recognized this from the first book in the franchise, Curse of the Creepy Mask.  The frightened teen thought at first that it was all just a terrible dream, until he tried to pinch himself, until it actually hurts.  Seeing that it was a reality, George tried to escape the shop, but one of the masks flew right off the shelf and blocked his way!
“JOIN US!” The floating mask said in a demonic voice.
George turned the other way, but the other masks flew off their shelves, and blocked every path he tried to take.
“JOIN US,” they hollered in unison, “JOIN US!”
“I DON’T WANT TO JOIN YOU!” screamed a paranoid George, “I WANT TO GO HOME!!!”
And then in the blink of an eye, George found himself in an antique shop. And this was the same antique store he read in the second book, Wall Clock of Death.  Then, he heard a strange sound!
It was the old 19th century wall clock that would reverse time if someone would turn the hands backwards. George took no time but to run out the front door, trying to escape into a big city just outside.  But instead, he found himself in the middle of a swamp.  That’s right, a swamp.
But the question is which swamp from which story was he in?  Was he in How to Slay a Behemoth, or You Can’t Fool Me? Suddenly, he heard a strange gurgling sound coming from the mud.  He quickly turned around to see a hoard of mud-like beings ascending from the deepest darkest puddles nearby.
“It’s You Can’t Fool Me,” he said out loud.
The boy ran screaming passed the trees, with the mud people chasing after him.  All of a sudden, George tripped over something and landed on the floor of a waiting room in a hospital.  It only hurt his front along with his chin, but he still managed to get back up on his feet.
“Now where the heck am I?!” he said desperately.
Just then the sound of a baby cry is heard. He turned to look and there he saw a seemly innocent nurse, holding a baby wrapped around in a blanket.
“Congratulations, it’s a girl.”
The nurse handed the small new born to the confused teenager.
“But I’m not even married,” he responded.
The nurse didn’t listen as she headed back to the emergency room.
“Not even married, huh?” said a strange demonic, yet feminine voice.
The started boy quickly looked down at the baby.
“Yeah that’s right,” said the baby with that same voice, “I said it.  Bet you can’t guess which story you’re in now.”
George might have this time, but he was so scared all he could say was, “Uh…uh…uh…”
“Uh, uh, uh…” she mocked him, “Don’t tell me you can’t talk yet, George!”
That made out poor frightened boy scream loud enough to wake the dead, as he dropped this monster of a baby. But as she reached the floor, she seemed to have disappeared into thin air!  In fact, the entire waiting room changed into a dark room filled with very frightening looking ventriloquist dummies, sitting in every chair, and couch around him.
“Uh oh,” said a troubled George, for he knew exactly what else was in store.
Just then, he thought he heard the sound of an evil cackle.  He turned around to see that the most frightening of them all, was standing all by itself, looking right at George.
“You got that right, chump,” it said sinisterly.
“Ch-ch-ch-Chappy?” George said in a shaky voice.
“No, not Ch-ch-ch-Chappy.  Just “Chappy”, dummy.  Ha, ha!  I love that old joke.”
All of a sudden the other puppets laughed so hysterically, it was sending even more chills down George’s spine!  The boy bolted passed some of the little cacklers, trying to reach the door…But then he failed to notice himself being dripped by another one of those dreadful puppets, and sent him down on the floor again!  And then he felt the rest of the gang grab him in the arms and the legs, making it extremely difficult for him to move.  It was as if they were too strong for him like in the story he read about called “Dawn of the Dummies.”
George cried for help with all his might, but there wasn’t a single person to hear him. Just then he saw the ringleader of it all, Chappy, armed with a butcher knife!
“Wait a minute!” George shouted, “You’re not supposed to use a knife in the story!  “You’re supposed to turn people into puppets.”
“Eh,” scoffed Chappy, “I was getting bored with that crud.”
As Chappy stepped closer and closer to the poor boy, as George could do was scream his lungs out!  And thus he was never seen again.  In fact, he was strangely forgotten by everyone he knew and loved.  It was as if he only existed in the mind of R. I. Pinewood…
Stuck In His Own Fantasy
This is a satire of the Goosebumps franchise which features an obsessive fan boy who falls victim to his own fantasy world.  Just a warning this story can still be scary, even for a comedy.  So some aspects of the story might be too frightening and violent for small children.
The Headless Horseman Rides Again by ARTIST-SRF
The Headless Horseman Rides Again
Just thought I'd use my current cartoon horseman from my Monster Apocalypse picture and put him and his horse in a realistic background of the Sleepy Hollow forest.

:pumpkin: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :pumpkin: 


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